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About Zeybek: Info

Photograph: Wie Yi T. Lauw

My artistic labor and studies of fine arts in Istanbul and Berlin enabled me to gain interdisciplinary experience with painting, ceramics, sculpture, installation and marbling techniques. Since 2005 my works have been presented internationally in various venues, galleries and museums. I like to confront the viewers with the common acceptances of obscure meanings in daily life. As a medium from everyday context with potential for controversy, porcelain provides the possibility to combine a vast range of my artistic abilities and experiences.


The material, porcelain, comes with its own history and analogies. Its silken texture and white, lustrous surface have represented the human skin ideal for centuries. It has long time been a symbol for nobility and hygiene. This classist perception is giving porcelain still a conservative connotation, which creates a wonderful playfield for its contrasting artistic implementations. I experiment how to break this old mythopoesis by trying other narrative possibilities this material offers. In the upcoming collections I will make more use of marbling techniques with porcelain, its potential I already discovered from paper marbling.

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