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Black Landscapes Collection


In my first two collections, white serves as a semi translucent, static background, which is divided in two by a horizontal black center. In contrast to the white, the black zone is in a state of flux. It is the organic density, evoking a sense of vitality and depth. Unlike the first published collection with the raw edges, Black Landscapes collection is predominantly luminous. If you hold the objects up to the light, you can see how black penetrates through the white. The black doesn’t stay homogeneous in this collection though, it mixes with the white and creates shapes like a flowing stream of images. Nevertheless, I must confess, that I don’t make this poetic shapes intentionally. I don’t force my imagination into the medium, such as artists do with a brush when they paint. I have trained maneuvers to give a direction to the flow, yet these landscape-like forms occur spontaneously. This spontaneity, achieved through the marbling technique, is what lets the viewer have a little reverie. I find it wholesome that people stumble upon images and entangle meanings in these little vessels. Especially in times where they need an imaginative escape from their four walls.

Black Landscapes
black landscapes
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