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Zeybek Ceramics, located in Berlin, produces unique objects from porcelain. The technique is mainly about generating and capturing flows in everyday objects by using the mobility of liquid clay. Porcelain can autonomously develop organic forms and waves, resembling aesthetics like the sea. The challenge is to let these little objects mimic the ocean in a similar way it triggers instinctual and emotional responses in people. These are thin, light to handle vessels, yet strong, impelling to touch. You may stumble upon playful nuances and disentangle meanings in them. The vessels are covered with a transparent glaze on the inside, the outer surface is unglazed not to cover the wild pattern in the clay and to keep the raw touch of the naked texture.


Right now I can produce only eight pieces per day, so the quantity I can offer is quite limited. My newsletter subscribers will be introduced to new series and unique pieces first. 

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Want to get early updates about upcoming collections?

Also on social media you can have a look at the work in progress, subtly satisfying moments with liquid clay, failed attempts as well as the outlandish methods I'm using.

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